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Coach Jay

 coach-jayPower. Strength. Fitness. Excellence!

Raise the bar on your health, fitness and life! Whether you're new to fitness or just looking to vary your routine, improve your technique, or simply lose weight and get in better shape, Orlando personal trainer Jay Barber can help. With over 6 years of coaching experience in power lifting, fitness training, and jiu jitsu, Jay is has the knowledge, training and experience to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Every person's body and goals are different; Jay's eye for detail combined with his years of experience and knowledge make for a specialized approach to fitness training. Jay will work with you to create a regimen uniquely tailored to your body and fitness goals -- motivation and accountability included!

"The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it!"

2015 Tampa Bay Strongman Winner - 1st Place Novice

Fitness Certifications: AAAI, ISMA

Training Specialties: Powerlifting, Strongman, Strength & Endurance Training, TRX (Suspension Training), Weight Loss/Fat Loss

Favorite Exercise: Clean & Press, Deadlifts

Favorite Body Part to Train: Legs

Fave Cheat Meal: All of it

Fave Supplement/Product: Defcon (Pre-workout)

Coach Rodney

coach-rodney“Adapt and Overcome”

“Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body”

Retired Marine Corps Officer and Orlando personal trainer Rodney S. was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Rodney completed 22 years of service in the military where he became a trained infantryman and learned hand-to-hand combat skills. Rodney also competed in bodybuilding and weight lifting while during his time in the Marines.

After completing his military career, Rodney retired in Florida where he now enjoys helping his clients reach their health and fitness goals. Rodney specializes in a muscle confusion style of training to keep the body guessing and optimize your results. He has been personal training since 2002 in some of Florida’s top gyms, and is now an integral part of the CTX Fitness training family.

Fitness Certifications: AFA, NFPT, and AAAI

Training Specialties: Weight Loss, Rehab, Strength Training, Elderly Training, Military Training and Prep

Favorite Exercise: Likes Variety, Muscle Confusion Style of Training

Favorite Body Part to Train: Legs

Fave Cheat Meal: No junk, just clean eating

Fave Supplement/Product: Protein Powder

Steve Townes – (Scuba Steve)

My name is Steve Townes.  (ISMA) International Sport's Medicine Association Certified Personal Trainer.

2016 graduate of (NPTI) National Personal Training Institute in Orlando. 600 hour diploma course

NAUI Certified Scuba Instructor and CPR Instructor

Former Marine, served two entitlements and did two deployments to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

2012 NPC Men's Physique Competitor

Obstacle course racer and lover of all things fitness.

Daniel Tinajero

My name is Daniel Tinajero. Pro Powerlifter, Personal Trainer, Amateur Strongman, bodybuilding enthusiast.

Specialized in strength training and muscular development, weight loss, general fitness, off-season sports training, powerlifting, and strongman training.

16 yrs competitive experience
I competed four years in Boy's weightlifting for timber creek high school. Took 6th and 3rd place at state championships my junior and senior year. I Was chosen as team captain my sophomore through senior year.
Also volunteer coached for girls' weightlifting junior and senior year.

Started competing In powerlifting in 2003. Have attained teenage, junior, and open national and world records in multiple federations. Best lifts to date are 1036lbs squat, 771lbs benchpress, and 804lbs deadlift at 220lbs. I am the 4x 220lb USPA Mr. OLYMPIA powerlifting champion.

Although I graduated with a (BSEE) degree in electrical engineering, training is my first love. I keep up to date with strength, health, diet and nutrition related topics more than anything else. I love helping others achieve their fitness goals, whether it be specific emphasis on the strength aspects, weight loss, or general health. I have made a lot of mistakes along the way and I like to be able to help others avoid pitfalls that I have fallen into.

Volunteer Coaching
Timber Creek High School
Boys weightlifting team captain
Girls weightlifting assistant coach

Personal Training
multiple gyms as well as online

Featured on the cover of Powerlifting USA
Feb 2012
Interviewed in POWER magazine
Jan 2013
Interviewed by "From Lips to Hips" Oct 2012
Currently administering a social media page called "IRON RONIN" to shine light on underrated lifters and fitness enthusiasts.

5150 Barbell
Perfect storm hardcore training gym
American Powerlifting Federation
United States Powerlifting Association
Southern Powerlifting Federation
International Powerlifting Association
Irish Powerlifting Organization
Raw United
Raw Unity Meet