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Trainer Kelly




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Are you just beginning your fitness journey and aren’t sure where to start? Are you an experienced athlete looking to take your training to the next level? Certified ISSA trainer and nutrition specialist Kelly Solberg can help you reach any and all of your goals. Experienced in many types of fitness competing and coaching including women’s bodybuilding, powerlifting, rock climbing, professional dance, yoga, and mountaineering, Kelly has a wide variety of first-hand knowledge and experience. Working with Kelly, you are guaranteed a completely personalized experience that will help you easily integrate fitness into your life. Fitness is meant to be fun and empowering, not miserable!

Fitness Certifications: ISSA
Training Specialities: Strength, Conditioning, Mountaineering, Bodybuilding
Favorite Exercise: Hip thrust
Favorite Body Part to Train: Hamstrings
Favorite Supplement/Product: Amazing Grass Energy